Ten Images From Jake Sulpice

From The Temple Of Music:

Liber Tertius 484Liber Tertius 483

Original Source

From Easy Pickings:

Da Vinci 1

Da Vinci 2

Original Source

From Galvinizing Aldini:

Experment with Various Devices

Experiment with Cadavers

Original Source

From Symphony Of The Absurd

Jean Coulon Sax Noir

Jean Coulon Tuba

Original Source

From The Visual Context Of Music:Murray Shafer


See the original post to track down the links to original sources.

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  1. My general concept is starting to come together, emphasizing the “Galvinizing Aldini” and “Easy Pickings” images.

    It is 1805, and the (in)famous scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who has thrilled audiences with the underground gatherings in which he displays the wonders of galvinic animation, has disappeared. Frankenstein had been boasting that he was on the verge of resurrecting the dead and creating life itself, although he kept the details of his recent work most secret.

    You are the disciples of Frankenstein, prodigious intellects and polymaths in your own right, driven by obsession to plumb the depths of alchemy and the other sciences to discover the essence of life itself. With your mentor and chief rival for fame and funding now out of the picture, you have the opportunity to conduct your own experiments. Of course, each of you wants to outdo the others and find the secrets of life first.

    So begin your research, gather your materials, and seek the funding necessary to make your theories real. What and who will you sacrifice in the pursuit of science? Will your achievements bring you glory or a fate much more noisome?

    I’m still mulling over how to involve one or more of the music-related images. Image #9 could easily be some kind of alchemical chart used in experimentation, but images #1 and #2 are really cool apparatuses that could also be tied in somehow. Actually, having music somehow be central to the creation of life would be an interesting twist.

    I’m thinking my mechanics will be pretty gamist, emphasizing competition between the characters for the scarce resources necessary to conduct their experiments. Probably featuring relationships and other traits that can be burnt off to increase odds of short-term success, but only in exchange for long-term effects. So by the end you may be a friendless paranoid who finally has all the componenents necessary to flip the switch and see what develops.

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