Initial Inspirations

I’m glad that I pulled Mark V.’s image set.  All were awesome, but being that Mark’s were first, I’ve had a bit of time to think about them.

Mark said that his set was thrown together without rhyme or reason, but I see a definite pattern.  We’ve got some images that speak of the 1920’s, a good time frame.  We also have some similarly-shaped images–  the Mangosteen and the Crystal City, the three pictures on the Benzine ring.  The snakes-for-nipples Bluemen des Boesen and spiky head of doom also have a insane/threatening feel.

Another inspiration, and something coloring my experience of these images was a visit to a local mental hospital.  My sister-in-law was committed on a 5250 hold (14 day involuntary psychiatric hold.)  She, unfortunately, had a severe schitzoid snap; normal interpretations of reality gave way to radical delusions and hallucinations.  On our way home, my wife asked: “How can you get better when you’re locked in with all these crazy people?”

 My short answer is “by getting out.”  I’ve had interaction with a number of mentally ill individuals, and one of the things that struck me is how delusions and hallucinations are contaigous.  The person with the strongest force of will– who believes their delusions most strongly– will cause others to fall into their world/worldview.  I’m thinking this is going to be my premise.

 Given this theme, I initially thought of two games.  First, I could treat the schitzophrenic as the setting, having the players fight it out as competing sets of delusions, the first to make a wholly internally-consistent worldview being the winner.  While I think that the role of the players as delusions is novel, I’m not sure if the game would be a good one.

The second and hopefully more fruitful idea is to put the players as paranoid schitzophrenics in a 1920’s sanitorium.  I’m thinking GM-less and very freeform, with each player building the consensus delusion.  The threatening images are great, because the characters have a lot to fear from the state of psychiatry in the 20’s, and those fears would be built into their delusional reality.

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  1. Justin – both ideas are interesting, but I think it will be easier to convey the 1920s sanitarium concept to an audience.

  2. Or, fold the first idea as a minigame into the second one – at various points, everyone gets to go inside someone’s head, and figure out his delusions, which then have an effect on the rest of the characters.

  3. Keen concept, Nathan. Rumbling.

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