Initial Thoughts on Tad K’s Image Set

The images in this set paint a surreal world of contradictions: a country manor seated above a metro train station; impossible airships hovering over Victorian cityscapes; torrent skies raging over a stark, orderly skyline.

I’m imagining a world of dreams that exists somewhere on the edge between waking reality and unconscious sleep–the space Salvador Dali would visit with his plate and spoon before painting a masterpiece.

A city stands there, an amalgam of all great cities throughout history. Story upon story of mechanical wonders stretch across the horizon, home to the Dreambarons, a well-mannered people of refined taste and Victorian sense of decorum.

But the city is in danger. Fueled by the dreamstuff from which the world was created, the machines and devices on which the city dwellers depend are draining the life essence from the world, bringing the City closer to its fated end.

On the outskirts of the City dwells a primal entity, the Snake Woman, a fallen goddess far older than the city and its people. The dream world was once hers, and she means to have it back. To her, time is a cycle. What begins, must end. And what ends will be reborn.

Enter the Shapers: human dreamers from our reality who, unlike the living dreams that inhabit the dream world, have the ability to change the fabric of the world through the power of their imaginations.

Are the Shapers the hope for a new future, or the instruments of the city’s destruction?

In game terms, I’m envisioning a story that focuses on consequences. The players are given the role of the Shapers, which comes with the potential for great power. As the game progresses the characters will learn that every action they take in this world can have unexpected consequences, and they will soon find that the fate of the world rests in their decisions.

The game experience I’m currently imagining is a traditional RPG that focuses on exploration of a crazy dreamworld, development of the characters’ ability to Shape, and the position of open-ended moral questions for the players to wrestle with.

With only two weeks to put this together, I may have to trim down my ideas a bit, or possibly throw the whole thing out and try something else. I’m open to suggestions on either count.

Best of luck to all the other entrants!

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  1. Wow lovely ideas there
    Completely not what I was thinking when I was chosing the pictures
    This I am utterly looking forward to reading and trying out.

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