‘an inordinant fondness’- Mark’s initial thoughts

… intelligent insect societies have inherited the earth following the extinction of humanity (I suppose in some undefined apocalyptic disaster?). Much of the focus will be on how insects react to, explore the relics of, and misinterpret their human predecessors. Since the bugs are newly sentient they don’t have any sense of history. They don’t remember that humans viewed insects as inconsequential – when they weren’t exterminating. Instead the insect characters will be puzzling out, playing with, and mythologizing the structures and and detritus of vanished human civilizations.

the working title is from an anecdote about the biologist JBS Haldane, who, when asked what one could infer about the creator from studying nature, is reported to have replied ‘He has an inordinate fondness for beetles.’ In the context of this game concept, the phrase also stands in for the insects’ romanticization of humankind.

I’m not sure if the game will be highly structured or more of a traditional exploratory/adventuring rpg. I can picture representing each character by a row of three playing cards- the head, thorax and abdomen. How this mechnically plays out…?

Influences beyond the image set will probably include the book Motel of the Mysteries by david mccauley, the original gamma world rpg and the novel Empire of the ants by bernard werber. I’ve enjoyed help play test Judson Lester’s Repetoire and Jim Pinto’s George’s Children so I’m sure they will influence how I think about a post-apocalyptic game.

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  1. My vote: insects hack together broken human technology and have awesome insect battles. And/or there’s a wierd dreamworld where insects can interact with the leftover dreams of humans (which is what the Absurd Tuba makes me think of).

    Sounding cool, man!

  2. nathan:

    insect battles- yes!

    leftover human dreams- I’ll probably try to stress the weirdness of the real world but I think this is a good metaphor for how the game should be

  3. Mark, I love it. The concept reminds me a bit of ‘Planet of the Apes’. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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