The Burmese Game

While intriguing, I found the image set perhaps a little too consistent…

But so it goes. I blame the following lack of creativity on my own exhaustion over the past few days more than the image set.

I have two ideas for the design, and they are competing at the moment. Inspired by the complex reincarnation systems of Burmese Buddhism, including the Nat (very loosely = spirits) and Boan (worlds of reincarnations), seem to be returning to old design ideas.

The first is based on an old fiction idea of mine and an aborted design, called Co-life, meant be a spin from the idea of past-lives. The crux of this would be traversing through worlds much like after-lives, but as a connected group. The idea here would be to have each major segment of the game be a life, with the mini-story’s outcome determined and/or dependant on the next boan destination. The ultimate goal is to somehow change the flow of the after-lives and either break from the cycle or fully join with it.

As I see it, this concept practically requires a system based on numerical approximations of differential equations. And I’ve been meaning to design a game that uses higher level, non-discrete math for a while.

The other option, feels less original to me, largely because it is heavily based on a game I already designed in my RPGnet column a few years ago. Essentially, a game of enlightenment and journeys, the character sheet was a random piece of a street map (which the player provides), and their actions and intentions lead them along these paths, as they seek out one of the destinations – in this case likely nirvana, the pleasure boan, the Burmese hell (as per the image), and bodhisattva, each described as one of the cardinal directions.

The main problem is that I’ve already largely design this game, so I feel it would be cheating to use it here. As of yet, however, it only exists as the old articles and the notes I made to write them. What do you think?

Hopefully I’ll come to a decision soon.

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  1. Oh, and can I perhaps have my category spelled correctly? It is rather jarring.

    – Mendel

  2. You can edit your setting yourself.

    Go to Dashboard up top, tags, edit.

  3. Huh. Totally my bad, sorry. Will fix now.

    As for the re-usage…I think I’m gonna say “follow your heart” on that one. Maybe the process of incorporating the images will force it to grow in new directions.

    That said, I really like the first idea. Maybe it’s all the lives of one character, with the players playing his antogonists and the forces keeping him from joining the cycle (or whatever)?

  4. I’m sorry you found my image set constraining. I was hoping to put a strong theme together when I assembled it, but I did not want to unduly force your hand.
    One of the things I love about art is that everyone can look at them differently. When I looked at my completed set, I had the obvious Eastern mythology and Southeast Asian Buddhist imagery, but another theme I saw was hypocrisy: a palatial Wat, monks with parisol-bearers and so on.

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