The Game Itself.

By Guy Shalev.

The game will have two levels, the “Village” level and the “Land” level.

The game is basically a god game on the Land level, with the Trolls being in direct contest with one another, it’s possible to do turn-by-turn of this, in a Risk/Dune the computer game kind of way, with the players choosing which area to advance to next. Another option is that on the Land level each player controls a different Troll, and once there’s conflict, the players zoom down to “Village” level, a different side’s each time and portray actual people there.

There will be different axes when you generate your Troll/Land, which are based on features of the land, such as bogs, volcanic activity, type of vegetation and so on and so forth, with them generating different colours of dice. You begin with 5 dice total, and each die colour can be spent elsewhere. Black dice from swamps, red dice from volcanic activity and blue dice from water sources can be spent in Magic, and show-case sacrifices at such locations, while you need Blue, Red(hunting game) or Green (fruits/agriculture) dice for sustenance.

Each Die represents one important person, with the players playing such personnae or them being important NPCs. Each session has each area accumulate coins equal in number to the dice located there, with these coins being spent in order to face hardships and narrate the survival and growth of the community.

The Trolls? They can be Norse Trolls or the Aesir, they can be dwarves or the Greek gods. They are an embodiment of the land, it may be that the important people are ridden by the Trolls like Voudounic Loas or that they channel them as they fly into berserkers’ rage.

And that is what the game is about, basically.

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  1. Totally neat, Guy. I like the idea (that you imply but I don’t know that you’re actually thinking of) that you create the Land first, and then you derive your Trolls from the Land, and then you derive the important people in the villages from the Trolls.

  2. You got it right Nathan šŸ™‚

    The only question is, if you pick one group and stay with it, then generation of Troll and People goes hand-in-hand, and each play-length is one “Season”.

    If you move communities then yes, you generate the Trolls first and derive the villagers from which village(s) is of interest.

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