Game Save.

By Guy Shalev.

I feel like I have a good core, and I may fuck it up yet. So here is my basic structure, so if things get FUBARed, I’d just go back to this point instead of trying to salvage them:

  • Map level of Trolls who fight/deal with one another for more growth.
  • Village level where there’s RP. The Troll dice are allocated between important figures. Village sheet has areas like “Food” and “Spirituality”, to which characters belong.
  • You play a “Season”, like Winter, Spring, etc.
  • Above Seasons there are “Generations”, 15-20 years later, probably in the same community.
  • Every four Generations are an “Age”, because no one who lived four Generations ago is still alive now.
  • Troll-level of events occur at the Age-level, as they and the land are one, and anything less than an Age is of little consequence, personally.
  • There will be “Troll” burning where you pick the traits of the land, which give your dice configuration.
  • Resolution mechanics are to be based on courage and daring. No reward for cowardice.
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