Taking Shape

I’ve been sinking all the time I can into my game lately.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t been as much as I would have hoped.  I’ve decided to relegate a good chunk of time to the graphic design and layout of the finished product; this is my first stab at more that straight text.

The title is going to be Thought Disorder.  I’ve thought about a couple of different subtitles, but finally decided to go without.

For the game itself, I decided at first that this game would have to be GM-less.  A GM would give the game a feeling of plot, structure and organization that would confliuct with the goals I have with the game.  Though my mechanics initially included dice, it became clear to me in the early stages of design that they did not better the game in any way I could appreciate, so I have excluded them as well.

Without a GM, there is a distinct possibility that a game will progress until it simply becomes un-fun.  Even if play starts out great, this effect threatens to cap every play experience at mediocre.  This game needs to have a distinct endpoint.  I am a bit undecided on how I will implement this, though I have a couple of ideas I’m rattling about.

Gameplay is divided between alternating Group Sessions and Private Sessions.  Group Sessions revolve around bidding Psychosis points to bring other people in line with their delusions.  Private Sessions are used to replenish resourses. 

I’ve got a fairly good grasp of the Group Sessions, and I’m prepared to get them layed out, but I’m still unsure how the Private Sessions are going to work.  Ideally, I would like them to have the other players assume the roles of doctors and trying to suss out the character, but I’m not exactly sure how I am going to get it to work.

The layout is proceeding nicely.  I am creating a background using the images, as well as some creations of my own and putting text boxes over these with the actual game text.  The overall look is somewhat disorganized–fitting with the theme– but still seems easy enough to follow.

 Fingers crossed, I should have it in working shape before the deadline.

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