Dark Age – Characters & The Game World

Each Player will assume the identity of a Purifier; an inquisitor / witch hunter for the Church. The Purifiers travel the land rooting out sorcerers, demons and the possessed.The Purifiers are based out of a religious stronghold called the Bastille de Remnoir. A small city lies at the feet of the Bastille, huddled around the fortress for protection.

The countryside surrounding the Bastille is dark and foreboding, with large expanses of untamed wilderness. Small villages and hamlets lie scattered across the land. Travel (except for the Purifers) is rare, and the forests are filled with terrible beasts.


Having the players assume the identity of the Purifiers, the Antagonists AND the townsfolk is proving… problematic.

My new idea is that there are three player roles: the Angel, the Demon, and the Innocent.  The Angel narrates the Purifiers, the Innocent narrates the townsfolk, and the Demon narrates the weird horrific stuff the pops up in the story. Eventually the Demon can start staking claims over townsfolk, currupting them and twisting them into monsters, but that leaves the Demon open to attack by the Angel.

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  1. Funny how my set is getting closer to my own non-competition project, Cranium Rats.

    Give it a look.

  2. How dare you travel back in time and steal my ideas retroactively! Some people have all the nerve.

    Seriously, though, that it pretty cool. I hadn’t read Cranium Rats before, but it looks to be right up my ally. It’s also the kind of game my gaming buddies would run screaming from (Sigh).

  3. It’s the kind of game everyone runs screaming to.

    I’m slowly burning it back to health, one half as a Pulp Fiction, L4yer Pie or Guy Ritchie crime flicks crime/intertwining storylines game.
    The other half as the head-war shown in CR.

    But still amusing.

  4. I like the idea of three player roles. The gameplay sounds like it will have sort of a “narrative RTS” feel to it.

  5. I just played Ben Lehman’s Drifters Escape last night, which has three roles. The Drifter and the Devil are each played by one person, and the Man is played by committee by the rest of the players.

    It worked pretty well. If you haven’t, you should think about how “fixed” those roles are…like, if you’re an Angel, are you always an Angel? Or can those roles move around the table?

    Anyway, cool concept. Looking forwards to seeing it!

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