Unable to complete

My game will not be completed by the deadline.  My father in law suffered a massive, probably fatal stroke, and I have to devote my full attention to my family.

The game is all but written– scratched out on notepaper– and I will be posting it late even though I cannot continue with the competition.

I’m sorry, especially to Mark whose images I am using.  Best of luck to all those who remain.

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  1. Good luck and good health to you and yours.

  2. Best wishes in your direction, Justin. We’ll look forward to seeing it whenever you get a chance.

  3. Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear that. Best wishes, and I hope everything turns out ok. Definitely don’t worry about this end of things. I’m glad you got to participate.

  4. totally sorry to hear that
    mine had one years ago, was touchy for a while
    I send all my best wishes you and your families way


  5. condolences.

    your game idea is worth waiting to see

  6. Thanks for all the support!
    It looks like my father in law will survive, though predictions about his level of recovery remain bleak.
    The game will hopefully be posted in the middle of next week.

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