Submission Deadlines & Guidelines

Here’s the update/reminder for how the next phase will work.


Submissions are due by 11:59 PM Eastern time (GMT-5, I think, but doublecheck if it’s going to be a thing for you) on Monday, 2/26/07. I would strongly, strongly prefer PDF format. If you can’t PDF it for some reason, RTF and TXT are also acceptable. Attach the files to an email you send to n.d.paoletta-at-gmail-dot-com. If filesize is an issue with your email server (or mine, I’m not sure if there’s a limit in gmail), you can also upload it to this blog and send me an email letting me know.

Please include the name of whoever’s image set you had in your email, as well.

Once all the submissions are in, I’ll put them all into one post.


Each person will be assigned another person’s game to review. I will reviewing all of the games. So, each game will get at least two reviews, and the scores will be averaged in order to generate the final score.

Everyone is strongly, strongly encouraged to review however many games as catch their eye. Even if everyone also chooses to review the game that used their image set, that would be grand. But, I understand time can be tight, so you’re only required to review the game assigned to you.

Review assignments will be posted on Tuesday, and there will be a week turnaround to get reviews in. If you don’t get in your review, your ineligable for the prize!

As always, questions and comments are welcome.

Thanks everyone, there’s been some really cool game ideas being thrown around, and I’m really excited to see the final products!

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  1. GMail limit is around 10 MBs.

    Also, I am going back to the army tomorrow, I may get grounded to my base for two weeks, if that happens I won’t be able to review any games.

    If it doesn’t happen, then I’ll be review monkey.

  2. Thanks for the reminders and specific instructions Nathan. I’ve been under the impression I had to get this done for Sunday night.Wow, another whole evening to refine things – yeah!

  3. I was travelling this weekend and worried that I had missed the deadline. So yeah, I’m glad to see that I have til tonight. I got some material down last night so I should be able to finish a draft by the deadline…. if i’m an industrious ant and not a lazy grasshopper today, that is.

  4. I think the fact Story Games is currently down can’t hurt your productivity, heh.

  5. Nathan, emailed you my entry, let me know if you dont get it.

  6. Once I get home from work I’ll be on the final stretch. I estimate I have between 5 and 6 pages left to type-up (with some minor design elements in there). Oddly enough that tells me that I’m over 90% complete. But that last bit has some pretty crucial pieces, and I want to make sure the optional rules section does in fact work…

    Well, I’m hoping to submit it in approximately four hours.

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