The Reckoning

The Games!

Inordinate Fondness, by Mark Villianatos. Based on Mark Addison’s image set.

Friends or Fortune, by Dave Cleaver. Based on Adam Dray’s image set.

In Frankenstein’s Wake, by Eric Boyd. Based on Jake Sulpice’s image set.

Troll Lands, by Guy Shalev. Based on Dave Cleaver’s image set.

Once More, by Mendel Schmiedekamp. Based on Justin Smith’s image set.

Dark Explorations, by Tad Kelson. Based on Mendel Schmiedekamp’s image set.

The City at the Edge of Sleep, by Mike Addison. Based on Tad Kelson’s image set.


Adam, Jake and Justin, you guys can still judge entries, but are under no obligation to do so.

I’ll get everything uploaded and linkified this evening (long day coming up, unfortunately). From what I’ve seen so far, these are some cool-looking games, and I’m excited to read them!

I’ll be making a separate page on the blog for each game, by the by.

Thanks to everyone for participating.

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  1. Congratulations to everyone who managed to design a game and good luck!

    Dammit, Jake, I want to see your game when you have a draft.

    A game based on my pictures, seeming like a CSI Games with some similarities to Cranium Rats, what more could I have asked for? 😛

  2. inordinate was the file name but the title of mine is an inordinate fondness

    looking forward to reading the others


  3. […] – All the Games So Nathan has posted the games. I’m excited for the review period to start, not only to get feedback on my game, but I enjoy […]

  4. The Troll Lands file.

  5. Just to be sure, I uploaded mine to this site, here.


    – Mendel

  6. I hope I did enough justice to my image set.

  7. You can find mine here.


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