Review Assignments

UPDATE: All PDF’s have been uploaded and linked.

Sorry again for the delay. Damn real life.

Inordinate Fondness will be reviewed by Eric Boyd. (Inordinate Fondness Link)

Friends or Fortune will be reviewed by Mendel Schmiedekamp. (Friends or Fortune Link)

In Frankenstein’s Wake will be reviewed by Guy Shalev. (In Frankenstein’s Wake Link; IFW Cards Link)

Troll Lands will be reviewed by Tad Kelson. (Troll Lands Link)

Once More will be reviewed by Mike Addison. (Once More Link)

Dark Explorations will be reviewed by Mark Villianatos. (Dark Explorations Link)

The City At The Edge of Sleep will be reviewed by Dave Cleaver. (City At The Edge Of Sleep Link)

Please email me your review scores, with or without explanation, by 11:59 PM eastern time next Wednesday, March 7.

Feel free to post review summaries and comments on the blog, but without scores please! I would like to have the scoring all pass through me, and I’ll do a big post with the individual and average scores for everyone once they’re all collected.

Again, I’ll be reviewing all of them, so there will be at least two scores in the mix per game, plus any others that anyone wants to review.

Please follow the scoring guidelines contained on The Rules page. Any questions, ask ’em here.

Have fun!

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  1. Pssst, where are the game files?

  2. mark
    Want me to email my pdf to you sir

  3. My pdf. (Hope this works.)

  4. Roninzombie> Which one are you. Real names are easier.

    Rustedtinker is TadK, but he aimed it at someone.

  5. Try this instead.

  6. roninzombie == Mike Addison

  7. Nathan,

    Am I missing something or are the game files still not posted anywhere? I’d like to read Mark’s game over the weekend, so please shoot it my way or post it up here.


  8. My file is here

  9. What about creating new Categories for each game? Seems only you can do it, and we’d like reviews to be tagged correctly.

    Also, do we get an extension? 😀

  10. Categories have been created. I don’t think they show up in the sidebar until a post is put into them, but you should now have the option when you’re posting.

    Ugh. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to do my reviews. I’ll try really hard to have them for the weekend….so, in a realistic sense, you have until I have mine done to get yours done.

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