Review of “Once More”

Like my last review, I have to be brief.

Image incorporation: 

The images used were appropriate to the game and fit well into the overall layout.  All ten of my images were used, and then some, a total of 19 in all.  In all, a great job.  I will not be as vehement as Guy in his railing about outside art– all the images were used, it was an inordinately long entry, and the images from the set were treated in the same way as the offending inclusions.  However, I cannot bring myself to unlock that 9 or 10 while using additional art.

On a format note, the Boans that included art ended up taking two pages apiece where the others fit into a uniform 1-page format.  Though I did not notice it on my first trip through, there was a definate conflict with the page breaks, and it made searching for the right page slightly more challenging, though pagination has more-or-less solved that.  Of course, if this is the biggest complaint I can find, there really isn’t much wrong.


I want to like this game, I really do.  It looks like a great deal of fun. 

I found the rules very dense and somewhat difficult to follow, though that could be fixed with time and subheadings in the format.  I usually give a game three reads for me to “get it” before I give up.  I’ve given Once More the benefit of three reads, and I’m still unclear on a few of the points.  Some of the Boans are unclear, especially the far-from-human ones (what exactly is it to be lead wire?  What is the romantic attachment felt by Brass?)  I suspect this was intentional.   This allows the center to start and other players to continue describing the age in question, but an explicit statement would be welcome.


It’s a good start and with some spit and polish will be a very playable game.

edit: removed scoring, sorry.

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