Tapping In

Thanks for all the name submissions, folks!

If you want to participate in the contest, here’s how you tap in. E-mail me your top 5 (or less, if you’re interested in less, but MAXIMUM 5) game titles from the list below. Please send this email to: twogamesonename-at-gmail.com.

I will accept emails from now until Wednesday night, (10/14). If it’s it not in my inbox by the time I wake up on Thursday, it’s no good.

Once I know how many people are participating and I have the shortlists, I will use a popularity contest metric to create a list of game titles that is equal to the number of participants, and then everyone who’s in will rank that list, and then I’ll match you, and then you’ll write some games.

If the math is working out wierd due to the proportion of entrants to the spread of names, I’ll announce any changes as soon as it makes sense to do so. But I think this will work.

Feel free to kibbitz in the comments or at Story-Games, but it’s only official if it’s in my email!

The Names:

8 Dragon heads in a Sack
837 Incursion

A Bucket of Blood in My Foyer
A Hatful of Rabbits
A History of Giants
And My Axe
Arbiters of Zodiac
Atlantis 2037

Bad Asses and Thieves
Balthazar Mercury in: Voyage to the Great Red Spot

Captain Supermarket.
Cellophane Smackdown
Chained Souls
City of Refuge

Distant Relatives
DNA: Alteration

Eyes in the Night

Fortune’s Child
Franchise: Samurai
Fuck you, Sorensen

Gear-Crazy: Giant Steam-Bots and the People who Love Them
Goblin Lovers.
Grandpa’s War

Hammer of the Overlord
Hell for Leather

I Love The Dead
Imperialist Bastards
In Repose.
Iron Soldiers: Maim frame

Love in Winter

Masks & Revolutions
Midnight Division
Mona Bushpig

Naked Trade
Never Fall Down
Never Forget
Northern Lights and Broken Hearts: Sordid Tales of Icy Passion

Oh Pure and Ageless Song

Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Season of the Witch.
Sing, O goddess
Stutter Step
Sunday’s Best

The Fall Of The United States
The Hunter S Thompson Role Playing Game
The Mars Folly
The Martyr’s Brigade
The Plant
The Whore Of Babylon.
Third Dawn
This Little Piggy
Twilight’s Last Gleaming
Two Games One Name.

What Is A Heart But A Sweet Bit of Offal For My Dark Master?

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