The Assignments

Names have been wrangled, and after only a slight delay I present to you your 2009 Two Games One Name Contestants!

In Repose to be written by Mark Silcox & Micah Bauer. Constraint: Is is not necessary to write anything vs. writing is a key component to resolution.

The Plant to be written by Ash & Jason Morningstar. Constraint: Suitable for solo play vs. suitable to play via text message.

A History Of Giants to be written by Darcy Burgess & Sage La Torra. Constraint: Failure is the goal of the game vs. it is not possible to fail in the game.

Chained Souls to be written by Tim & Elizabeth Shoemaker: Constraint: Requires input from family members vs. can only be played around strangers.

Hell For Leather to be written by Joe Prince & Sebastian Hickey. Constraint: Uses physical motion as a key component to resolution vs. uses images as key component to resolution.

Gear-Crazy: Giant Steam-Bots and the People Who Love Them to be written by Chris Perrin & Joe/artexercise. Constraint: No character generation vs. no character improvement.

Love In Winter to be written by Joe McDonald & Remi Treuer. Constraint: Fairy Tale fantasy setting vs. no fantastic elements whatsoever.

A Hatful Of Rabbits to be written by Nick Wedig & Graham Walmsley. Constraint: Suitable for children vs. suitable for the elderly.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn to be written by Steve Dempsey & Bill White. Constraint: music is key to resolution vs. silence is key to resolution.

City Of Refuge to be written by Alex D & Dave Cleaver. Constraint: Real-world references are mechanically relevant vs. out-of-game interaction is punished by the game.

Atlantis 2037 to be written by Tony Dowler & Josh Roby. Constraint: Can be played while traveling vs. requires very specific components to play.

Congratulations to the 11 finalist names, and to our contestants. I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!

Games are due in a little more than month: Sunday, November 22nd.

Thanks everyone!

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