The Results

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for all of your hard work. I really enjoyed reading all of your submissions, and there are some very strong games that came out of this. At the end of the day, I hope that YOU got something out of it!

I will be posting my comments on each submission here and on Story Games. They are rather sparse, due to the time I had to go through everything, but I have no problem entering into conversation about them.

But, as there are indeed prizes and winners and such, here they are. Let me emphasize that these are my totally subjective decisions…

The Winners

Best Game Overall : Hell 4 Leather, by Joe Prince. It’s just the cleanest, tightest, most ready-to-go of the games that grab me. Joe writes good games, and this is no exception.

Best Extra Credit: City of Refuge, by Alex D. I’m using this award to say “man, this game has SO MUCH PROMISE, please keep going with it.” Cuz it does.

Best Pair: In Repose by Micah Bauer and Mark Silcox. Both exist in that “story/RPG exercise” space, each has a minimalism and charm, and I they just pair together better than any of the other two-game submissions.

Best Outside The Box: The Plant by Jason Morningstar. My criteria for “outside the box” is what surprises me, and this game surprised me like whoa both in form and content.

Best Presentation: Atlantis 2037 by Tony Dowler. Appropriate layout, good font choices, presentation that really reinforces the theme. Charts could be a little sexier. But of all the submissions this is the one that immediately hooked me graphically.

Special Prize: Best game suited for players who have no experience with RPGs: In Repose by Micah Bauer. I gotta give this game props. It’s beautiful.

Special Prize: Bonus Art Prize: Hell for Leather by Sebastian Hickey. No contest.

Every Entry: I was impressed by every one of your entries in one way or another. Everyone who submitted a game is a winner! Hearty pats on the back all around.

The Prizes

For Best Game Overall: carry. a game about war. + any 2 PDFs of your choice.
For Best Extra Credit: Time & Temp (unbound print edition) + any PDF of your choice.
For Best Pair: Prizes: One of you gets Dance and the Dawn & one gets Urchin, + you each get any PDF of your choice.
For Best Outside the Box: Sweet Agatha + any PDF of your choice.
For Best Presentation: Keith Senkowski Art & Comics + any PDF of your choice.
Kevin Allen Jr. Special Prize: Sweet Agatha
George Cotronis Special Prize: $200 of original George Cotronis Art
Everyone’s a Winner: Your choice of Annalise or Dance and the Dawn PDF.
Special Publication Prize: If/when you publish the final version of your game, email me to see if you’re eligable for this (see below).

PDF options: Annalise, The Dance and the Dawn, Mist-Robed Gate, It’s Complicated, or Murderland.

I’ll be contacting the winners individually about prizes as well.


I would like to archive the contest entries on the blog. Pease let me know if you DO NOT WANT me to include your entry.

But Don’t Take My Word For It…

Keep working on these games if you still have any go juice for them, cuz they all have a lot of promise in one way or another. Also, remember the Special Bonus Publication Prize: any game that sees publication, in print, for money in a non-playtest final form will get the entire TAO Games digital library. Email me when/if you think your game is eligible.

Thanks again, folks. It was fun

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  1. Thank you for the kind words! Feel free to archive CoR here, but please do add a standard copyright warning stating that neither you or I own the copyrighted entities referenced in the game. A fair number of things in the game are not-so-subtle homages to various fictional people and places, and I don’t want that hammer to come down on your head.

    Which is also the reason I’ll never really publish it; I may, however, polish it up a bit and make it available on Storygames for interested parties.

    All in all, it was a great experience! This was my first mostly-realized design and it brought in a lot of ideas I’d been messing around with for a while. Plus, it was a blast to play!

    So thank you again for everything!

    – Alex

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